Sunday, October 19, 2014

Petite Provencale tout cousu main

poupée corps en lin, tête en pâte à papier, tissus anciens provençaux

I love Provence and have spent many of my childhoods summer discovering its particularity.
A rustic elegance, warm summers and time that went by slowly.

Colors, odors, fruits, vegetables, oil and sun-blessed bread...
a rich awakening of senses for any little child.

bread fish with orange blossom fragrance
orange blossom and oranges

I like to dress as an modern Provencal and I am in great admiration of the beauty of the ancient way to dress, especially the comtadin costume from Comtat Venaissin.

musée du costume provençale à Grasse

If one is lucky one can see during a celebration, a crowd with young and old, proudly wearing
 handsewn traditional costumes were peasants, artisans and bastidanes happily melts.

 My doll waits for her little "coiffe" and a straw hat to protect from summer sun.

for now...A bèn lèu...à bientôt!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

papillon des brumes

quand on ne sait pas ou aller il faut utiliser ses antennes

Saturday, June 21, 2014

early summer cake

In the beautiful city of Dijon, there is a bakery. In the bakery there is a kind lady. She makes early summer cakes with black current frosting and with a small white dove inside. The one who gets the dove gets married within the year.